‘Becoming’ Netflix: Michelle Obama’s Documentary Just Gave Us the Social Proof in Upgrading

Netflix just dropped the documentary Becoming this month and it’s giving us all reasons to tune in on a Friday night.

Not because we’re still in quarantine and therefore have no other option. (who else is fed up with Netflix and quarantine?) But because any one who wants a role model in upgrading should see the once First Lady of the United States of America in her element.

The fact that I’m not American nor do I live in the States goes to show how Michelle Obama’s impact continues to resonate around the globe. I’m writing this as someone who is amazed with her strength and compassion in being First Lady, daughter, wife, and mother.

For those who haven’t seen neither the book nor the documentary yet, here’s a quick summary. Becoming is an inspiring memoir by Michelle Obama about her younger years in Chicago leading to the most powerful period of her life as the First Lady.

Meanwhile, the documentary follows her intimate affairs during her book tour of the Becoming. You can see it here on a short trailer:

Before I dive into our #1 favorite scene in the film about upgrading, let me share with you one her lines that also hit the mark of this philosophy:

“It takes time to process your life and figure out what it all means.”

I loved it when Michelle Obama said this. It instantly made me thought of this sequence:

  • Process
  • Finesse
  • Progress
  • Success

What she’s trying to teach us is that figuring out life, even for her, is a never-ending process. Whether as a young girl, as a minority in college or as a lawyer with a high-flying career. She shared her readiness for what lies ahead of her, which meant more now that she transitioned back into private life.

Defying expectations and powering through bouts of newness and progression is what she and other successful people continue to do. And in so doing, they inevitably inspire us to look inwards to seek how we can also face and live with our own truth.

Moving along, let’s now look into our most favorite scene of the Becoming documentary.

Here’s what the wife of the 44th President of the US had to say about the importance of image especially required of her:

“I had to become more strategic in how I presented myself, because it had the potential of defining me for the rest of my life.”

Preach, Ma’am, preach!

When I heard Michelle Obama say this I got so thrilled I jumped up and down and shouted in all corners.

I’m kidding, refined ladies don’t do that. We try to always look polished even if no one is looking.

But yes, when she said this line she totally had me. It’s by far one of the best social proof we can have because she spoke about the core reason a platform like this exists.

Without having to utter a word, you have the power to communicate to everyone who you are and what you represent.

For Mrs. Obama, she expresses herself through fashion. Her sensational choice of bold colors and embellishments in her clothes is one that says “This is my truth.” While some of the classic cut and style show us how she takes on her role quite seriously, to the tune of “I have 10 minutes. Let’s get down to business, shall we?” It’s the perfect harmony for the modern day female icon.

She understood in every sense the power of a refined presence that goes beyond the price tag of an outfit. As a matter of fact, the 5 ft 11 former First Lady became known for wearing items that anyone can get from the mall. That was unprecedented for many previous First Ladies before her time who wore only French luxury brands.

But essentially for her, fashion is not just about using it as an accessory. To Michelle Obama, fashion is a powerful tool that she uses to the full advantage. She wears the clothes, instead of the clothes carrying her.

Was she born with an innate knowledge of an effective, polished presence? No, she insistently developed it over time. And where necessary, she was strategic just like how she said it by employing some help.

Evidently, the results paid dividends. Not just to the designers she wore, but on how Americans and the rest of the world identified her.

Through her powerful presence she became one of the most admired women in the planet. Because for more than half a decade, she redefined the role of First Lady and exceedingly played her part well.

Michelle Obama is living proof that personal excellence doesn’t happen by chance, but rather by being wise with our choices. When you become a person who upgrades his own story, you begin to fulfil your life’s ultimate power.

Originally published at https://finessetosuccess.com on May 15, 2020.

Realtor | Traveler | Founder of FinessetoSuccess.com, an online platform helping real estate professionals achieve a polished presence.

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